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Our unique training model gets results time and time again.

That's why one of the world's best healthcare providers has chosen us to draw on our experience to assist their teams. 

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1.2 million

About NHS 

The National Health Service (NHS) is a healthcare provider, set up to deliver hospital and community services, and other aspects of patient care. There are 223 NHS trusts in the UK.

The challenge 

Since January 2020, NHS healthcare staff have been in a fight to save lives in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Referred to as ‘heroes’, they have become a national symbol of hope in the face of adversity.

The unprecedented pressures that have arisen from the crisis, combined with extreme emotional and physical fatigue, have had a huge impact on staff, with some describing their working environment as a ‘warzone’. 

Although the NHS has done a huge amount to support frontline staff, our training team was required to draw on its extensive experience in high-pressure and challenging environments to address the challenges faced by frontline NHS workers. 

We are currently working with teams from several NHS Trusts. 

The solution

Having designed a bespoke range of training modules for each of our NHS Trust partners, Take point Training was able to deliver training under several themes, including;

Personal resilience 

  • help individuals and teams cope effectively with change

  • enable leaders and managers and staff to cope better in the face of challenges

  • Improve engagement of staff with their work and patients 

  • Allow individuals to face challenges openly and with confidence

Leadership, management and teambuilding 


  • enhance skills and equip leaders with the emotional, behavioural and practical resources to lead confidently 

  • develop effective teamworking, communication skills and problem-solving capabilities 

The result

Through their ongoing partnership with Take Point Training, NHS teams across the UK have been able to take time out to decompress and reflect on the impact of a difficult working environment. 

By delivering a bespoke training programme, we were able to; 

  • develop existing leadership and management techniques

  • encourage employees to engage in honest and open self-reflection to better understand their own behaviours 

  • use Emotional intelligence techniques to help individuals manage their own emotions to relieve stress

  • improve communication methods to help reconnect teams 

  • increase morale and motivation while improving staff retention 

  • help individuals become better equipped to respond to crisis situations

  • peform better and ultimately, improve patient care

What people say 

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Course participant at NHS

"Overall, thank you. It's been the best team-type event I've attended in my 11 years in the NHS." 

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