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Unlock the power of your people  

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Inspirational training with impact

At Take Point Training, we know the challenge of building high performance teams in high-pressure environments.


So, we use our military experience to take point - or take the lead - to help corporate leaders and teams work together as one cohesive unit to ensure a competitive advantage. 

Our highly-trained course facilitators come from all sectors and specialisations in the military and have commanded at the highest levels of land, sea and air. Yet what unites us all is the importance of working together.

Our mission is to help you unlock your people. 

Take Point Training's immersive training modules are a tailored blend of practical methodology or 'learn by doing' leadership.  Coupled with emotional intelligence and self-reflection methods, we will help you: 

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Develop leadership and management skills
Improve teamwork and communication 

Work together towards a shared purpose 

Learn effective briefing and debriefing 


Enhance problem-solving and decision-making 

Build resilience, confidence and effectiveness


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Leadership & team development

A wide range of leadership and management training modules for SME's to large organisations. 

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Working together, we can help develop the performance of your entire team. 

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Whether indoors, outdoors or online, our bespoke training courses are tailored to your business challenges. 

Professional training partner 

Customised training programmes 

What people say 

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Operations Performance Manager at Huboo

"The course was just completely perfect. It set the right expectations and fundamentals to build a future in managing teams." 

Trusted by top organisations

Take on tomorrow’s challenges
by preparing your
leaders and team today.

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