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Team of Teams training at Take Point Training
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Self, Teams and Team of Teams  

A unique formula for team development 

Initially developed for the occupational needs of NHS professionals during the coronavirus pandemic, our Self, Teams and Team of Teams (STATT) Course is at the heart of everything we do. 


The course covers: 

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Engaging in honest and open self-reflection to better understand your own biases and behaviours 

Exploring new techniques to build on your effectiveness to lead, motivate and inspire others in your organisation

Participating in one-to-one analysis. Gaining a deeper insight into your own abilities and what is needed to achieve your organisational goals 

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This opening module highlights the importance of self-awareness with an emphasis on recognising patterns of behaviours and stressors within our lives. The aim is to consider our own behaviours within the context of a team environment.



Building on earlier learning, here participants consider leadership techniques as well as profiling team dynamics. The course includes a series of experiential learning exercises - learning by doing - to help improve team performance. 

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Team of Teams 

This final module focuses on using themes already explored to cultivate systemic change. Participants examine the challenges and opportunities of working in multidisciplinary teams and the benefits of an agile approach to sharing information and resources. 

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Learning outcomes 

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Improved self-awareness and understanding of your role within a team 

How to successfully implement and lead change to benefit team interoperability 

Enhanced resilience and dynamic strategies to adapt in the face of adversity, challenge and set-backs. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

The importance of positive feedback and debriefing; re-affirming integrity, honesty, trust and respect in a team environment

What people say 

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Jason, Senior Charge Nurse 

"Genuinely, one of the best and most engaging courses I've done in 25 years of nursing." 

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