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Our story 

Welcome to Take Point Training   

Meet Squadron Leader (Rtd) Shaun Pascoe.
During his 16-year career in the Royal Air Force (RAF), Shaun led a Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) which treated injured troops while they were being transported by helicopter back to military bases. He served on operational tours in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Emerging from the military with a clear understanding of effective leadership and teamwork, Shaun launched Take Point Training - along with a team of highly trained ex-forces veterans - all experienced in building and leading high performance teams. 

Shaun Pascoe, Take Point Training
Outdoor leadership training activity with Take Point Training

Leadership and teamwork 

Our mission is to unlock the power of your people.

Working in partnership with our clients, we help develop their leaders, managers and team members to improve cohesion and organisational performance.

Our team of highly-engaging facilitators train you in the fundamental principles of effective leadership and team building. We use techniques learned in the military; experiential activities, reflective observation, psychometric profiling and proven communication methods to give you a competitive advantage. 

We have worked with a wide range of high profile organisations from Galliford Try, Vistry Group, Huboo and Watston Marlow, to several NHS Trusts across the UK. 

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to our training programmes. Our clients benefit from a tailor-made blend of engaging training modules based around your organisational values, culture and strategy. 

Our manifesto

Our manifesto describes what we stand for.
These values shape our culture, who we are
and what we do. 


Harness agility to sustain growth 

Cultivate resilience to form robust teams 

Act with integrity to receive trust 

United, these create impact

Performed they lead to excellence

Take on tomorrow’s challenges
by preparing your
leaders and team today.

Let's get started

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