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Having worked alongside the team at Galliford Try for the last three years, the company is one of our longer-standing partners. 

Discover some of the highlights to date below... 

Galliford Try case study at Take Point Training
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Galliford Try


Leicester, UK





About Galliford Try

Galliford Try is one of the UK's leading construction groups, working to improve the UK’s built environment and delivering lasting change for the communities they work in. The company is organised into three divisions: Building, Infrastructure and Specialist Services.

The challenge 

As a highly successful company with a proud history dating back more than a century, Galliford Try has a strong culture of leadership and teamwork. 

The company has grown from a handful of employees when it was founded to more than 3,000 employees today. With a multi-generational workforce, each generation can have different expectations, communication styles and perspectives. Therefore, it is critical to bridge any gaps to harness ensure a more collaborative and cohesive culture

The solution

After spending time with the Galliford Try team to understand their specific people challenges, we were able to create a custom-built training package. 


Our mission was to: 

  • create a common language between leaders, middle managers and graduates to improve communication at all levels

  • develop teamwork and collaboration skills 

  • introduce a new and more effective approach to  traditional leadership styles

  • ​develop teamwork and collaboration skills provide a safe space to test, refine and reflect on new skills and techniques

The result

During our ongoing partnership with Galliford Try, we have successfully helped to develop leadership skills of employees across all levels of the organisation. We also helped to implement effective communication methods between leaders, managers and teams.  

Our team of training facilitators has helped to create a 'speak-up' culture in the workplace, where everyone feels valued and heard. We know that employees who speak-up can help find and suggest better alternatives to current workplace systems without fear of retribution.

On top of this, the Take Point Training team has been able to help build a high-performance organisational culture where employees feel engaged and aligned with the company’s values, and teams trust each other — and leadership.

What people say 

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Course participant at Galliford Try

"The facilitators from Take Point were all first class and delivered a fantastic course."

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