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Graduate training at Take Point Training
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Graduate Development Programme 

About the programme 

The Graduate Development Programme (GDP) is a unique opportunity for graduates to gain the core skills and knowledge to develop careers and become the next generation of leaders. 

You will be supported by our training team and have access to a varied training programme, which includes modules on: 

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Clear and confident public speaking

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork skills

Effective leadership tools and techniques 

Agility and resilience in the workplace 

Problem solving and decision-making skills

Graduate development at Take Point Training
Outdoor learning activities at Take Point Training

Learning modules 

All graduates will have the opportunity to build a unique set of skills to help progress to new levels within their chosen careers. 

Our unique blend of interactive training modules provides the necessary experience, knowledge and skills for working in an ever-changing workplace.

Training modules are enjoyable, fun and engaging and hosted by our friendly training facilitators in both indoor and outdoor settings. 



The programme starts with the opportunity to explore self-awareness and how it can help you better relate better to other people around you and develop healthier, more meaningful relationships in the workplace. 



Our blend of unique and engaging training modules cover topics including advanced teamwork techniques from the military and essential skills that can be implemented in daily working life. 

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Team of Teams 

Explore the theories behind team dynamics and learn how to provide essential feedback to employees at all levels. Delegates receive a one-to-one psychometric assessment to help identify personality and build on knowledge and skills. 

Outdoor learning activity at Take Point Training

Learning outcomes 

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Develop knowledge, skills, and judgment around effective communication to improve your ability to work collaboratively with others

Improved self-awareness to regulate and control emotions and take challenges in your stride 

Effective teamworking to drive efficiency and productivity and improve morale 

Enhanced problem solving and decision-making skills to help you to navigate a variety of situations 

Gain confidence to progress to new levels within your chosen organisation 

What people say 

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Course participant at Galliford Try 

"Great course content delivered by very engaging facilitators." 

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