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How we are helping the transportation and logistics company Huboo strengthen their team during a period of rapid growth. 

Huboo case study at Take Point Training


Huboo Fulfilment 


Bristol, UK


Transportation & logistics



About Huboo

Huboo is an award-winning tech-driven eCommerce fulfilment company. The firm helps online businesses grow by resolving challenges in their order fulfilment process, from warehousing and inventory management to order logistics and shipping. 

The challenge 

Launched in 2017, Huboo has grown from two employees and 60 customers to more than 650 employees and more than 1,000 customers. To cope with the increasing demand for its service, Huboo has expanded it’s ‘micro-hub’ model across the UK and into Europe. As a rapidly scaling company, the team faces a unique set of growth challenges, such as developing their leaders, managers and team members while retaining their positive culture and values. 

The solution

Take Point Training spent time with the Huboo team to understand their specific people challenges. We created a tailored solution to include:
Leadership and management training - to enhance skills and equip leaders with the emotional, behavioural and practical resources to lead confidently. 
Team building - to improve teamwork behaviours through a package of engaging and interactive training modules exploring expiential learning, teamworking, communication skills and problem-solving capabilities. 
Safe learning environment - to establish a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment where employees are able to identify behavioural characteristics and test new techniques. 

The result

Since partnering with Take Point Training, Huboo has successfully strengthened their leadership and management team through our blended learning training modules. 
By developing knowledge on leadership principles, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, Huboo managers are able to collaborate with others more effectively while improving their own and team performance.

Managers have gained improved problem-solving capabilities, enhanced communication skills and conflict-management strategies - while learning how high performance teams function. 


What people say 

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Course participant at Huboo

"I could not recommend this course highly enough and feel it is something that every single person working at Huboo should take part in, from the top down."

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