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Netflix draws on expertise from Take Point Training's Lead Facilitator

Henry Davies, Lead Facilitator at Take Point Training, has shared his military expertise in the creation of the latest Netflix political thriller, The Diplomat.

The six-part series centres on a career diplomat who juggles her new high-profile job as ambassador to the UK and her turbulent marriage to a political star.

As military advisor to the show, Henry was called on to share his knowledge in naval operations from his previous role in the Royal Navy. He served as a helicopter pilot for 17 years as a Small Ship Operations Specialist.

“It was a real pleasure working on the Netflix set, the people involved are so professional, friendly and welcoming,” said Henry. “As the military advisor, my responsibilities were to ensure the authenticity of everything from the dialogue and uniforms all the way through to the way people carried themselves during scenes. I also served as a consultant to the showrunner and producer.

“On set it looks like controlled chaos with lots of different people seemingly working in opposition, yet once you have an insight into it, it's clearly a well-oiled machine. The whole team created an incredible environment for their creativity to work, and just to be part of that was a really special thing.”

The cast is packed with talented actors and familiar faces, with Keri Russell leading the way as Kate Wyler. She’s joined by Rufus Sewell, playing Kate's husband, Rory Kinnear playing the Prime Minister and Michael McKean playing the US President.

The Diplomat is currently available on Netflix. Click here for more information.

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