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STATT Course Impact Report 2023

October 2023

In the NHS, effective leadership and teamwork are essential for delivering high-quality patient care. When healthcare professionals work together, it not only improves efficiency and collaboration, but helps create a happier workplace, boost job satisfaction and reduce burnout.

That’s according to the latest STATT Course Impact Report from Take Point Training, in partnership with the NHS.

By sharing our specialist military experience in building exceptional leaders and high-performing teams, we equip healthcare professionals with the right tools they need for their role.

This report is based on a sample survey of healthcare professionals who participated in The STATT Course during 2023.

The STATT Course Self • Teams • Team of Teams (STATT)

The STATT Course is a unique 3-day personal and professional development programme for NHS clinical and non-clinical staff.

From nurses, midwives and matrons to managers, physiotherapists and dieticians, the course offers professionals from every department the chance to build leadership and team cohesion.

Delivered off-site in a safe and time-protected environment, the course blends proven military principles with the latest leadership concepts, to help build high-performing leaders and teams.

Transformational training

Built around 3 proven principles, the course consists of three modules focusing on:

Self: how self-awareness is the foundation of effective leadership and teamwork.

Teams: the key to high-performing teams using collaboration, open communication, mutual trust and respect.

Team of Teams: how organisations transform into a unified, agile unit with a common language and shared purpose.

About the report

The total sample includes 387 responses from a survey of STATT Course participants
conducted between March 23rd and August 7th 2023 in the following NHS Trusts:

> Barts Health NHS Trust (270 employees)
> Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (58 employees)
> Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (44 employees)
> Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (21 employees)
> Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (19 employees)
> University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (11 employees)

Overall, we surveyed 387 NHS employees across the UK.


The data in this report tells a story of success. It is clear that The STATT Course is driving transformative change among healthcare professionals, empowering teams that extend beyond individual departments and hospitals.

In the report, participants praised the impactful, engaging and interactive nature of The STATT Course. It deepened their understanding of self-awareness and teamwork while equipping individuals with the tools to think differently about their leadership style.

Empowerment, improved self-leadership and teamwork stand out as key outcomes of the course. Participants also recognised the course as a platform to learn from peers and exchange personal experiences.

Ultimately, participants said the knowledge and skills learnt during the course will enhance care delivery and patient outcomes.

What next for the STATT Course?

The need for leadership and team development within the NHS has never been more urgent. All across the NHS, widespread workforce shortages and staff burnout are taking their toll on hard-working, yet overstretched professionals under sustained pressure.

That’s where our STATT Course comes in. We support healthcare professionals in acquiring the critical leadership and teamwork skills that underpin high performance. This report shows that once these skills are deployed, individuals excel as exceptional leaders and cohesive teams within their specific departments. Our remarkable results stem from laying the groundwork for behavioural change and a shift in mindset.

Now in its fourth year of delivery, The STATT Course and Enhanced STATT Course continue to expand their reach, aiming to connect with more NHS teams across the UK. Want to explore how Take Point Training can help your team?


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