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Alex sets sail on voyage of adventure

Alex Tucker, Operations Support Coordinator at Take Point Training, is taking on the challenge of a lifetime by setting sail across the Atlantic.

He has taken a six-week sabbatical from his role to sail the 2,700 nautical miles from Gran Canaria to St Lucia on a 41-foot yacht.

The 26-year-old will join his Dad, Andrew, for the ocean crossing who is currently circumnavigating the globe on his yacht, Voyager II.

The journey is expected to take between four and five weeks, including a familiarisation training week in Gran Canaria.

He said: “I’m feeling excited, yet a little bit nervous. Although I’ve sailed my own boat on a few longer voyages along the south coast and up to Scotland, I’ve never attempted anything like this before.

“I expect the biggest challenge to be the unpredictable wind and weather conditions, yet we’re sailing not too far off the equator, so hopefully the temperature should be fairly warm.”

Alex will be involved in all aspects of sailing, including setting the sails, helming the boat, keeping watch and general maintenance. He even plans to develop his nautical skills during his downtime.

“I want to try and learn celestial navigation and I've got quite a lot of books to read which will keep me occupied. I’m really looking forward to setting sail and would like to thank Take Point Training for giving me the opportunity to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

Alex set sail on November 19 and is expected to arrive in the Caribbean in mid-December.


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