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Tina Bessell

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Lead Facilitator

Prior to joining Take point Training, Tina spent 17 years in the RAF as an Intelligence Officer, leaving the military after being Station Commander and commanding the Signals unit at RAF Digby. She now uses her leadership skills and expertise to help deliver our training programmes to our clients. 


Tina is also an accomplished commercial radio broadcaster and can be heard on the airwaves at Radio Newquay most weekends! She keeps herself busy all year round, but especially in the summer, running a successful Cornish Lavender farm in North Cornwall.

Tina's qualifications include a Masters in Defence Studies at Kings College London, LLB Bachelor of Law at the University of London, and a Diploma in Multimedia Broadcast Journalism.

What leadership means to Tina:
"Leadership is a combination of good organisation, strong core values both personally and as a business, and knowing and investing in your team, and looking after your people with compassion, kindness and firm boundaries.  It is essential to build trust and confidence by communicating well, and so, so important to always ‘do the right thing’."

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