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Rich Howard

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Lead Facilitator

Rich joined Take Point Training in 2019, initially as a Lead Facilitator, before moving into a Deputy CEO role. 

Prior to joining the company, Rich spent 13 years as a Royal Marines Officer and led troops in wide a range of hostile environments including the Arctic, desert and jungle. He held operational and strategic roles including media and information operations and defence diplomacy. 


Rich’s qualifications include B Ed (Hons) in Outdoor Education, PG Cert in Leadership Studies and ILM  in Leadership & Management.


What leadership means to Rich:

"Effective leadership is centered on cultivating a very personal connection with other humans. It requires genuine empathy and trust as well as a willingness to 'own the risk' associated with your teams' endeavours. I believe that the phrase 'eyes-on, hands-off' neatly encapsulates the light-touch approach which can empower those around you to seize opportunities and innovate for success. I also consider leadership by personal example to be vital and believe that a leader should aspire to be the embodiment of the values and behaviours that they wish to see in their team."

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