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Nick Pinniger 

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Chief Operating Officer 

Nick is the Chief Operating Officer at Take Point Training HQ. He oversees all of the company’s training courses to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery.


Prior to joining the company, Nick spent 9 years in specialist roles within the Royal Marines, from Nuclear convoys in the UK, Anti-piracy teams in and around Somalia to Special Forces Support Group where he qualified as a Patrol Medic. Nick's military training was designed to test an individual’s determination, courage, selflessness, leadership and resilience in the face of adversity.


What leadership means to Nick:

 "Leadership is about being the champion and the cheerleader. Inspiring and elevating the team around you, especially when times are challenging, when there’s conflict, turmoil and turbulent seas. If you are not embodying the vision whilst enduring hardships with your team, are you even leading?"

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