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Mike Somerset

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Lead Facilitator

Mike is a Facilitator with Take Point Training. Prior to joining the company he served as a Senior Instructor RAF Regiment Command School.

Mike has held a variety of roles including Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Special Forces Support Group and a Joint Terminal Attack Controller with the RAF Regiment. Mike is also an accomplished Yoga and Pilates teacher and practices daily.

What leadership means to Mike:

"Leadership to me is, trust, ownership, humility, honesty, and an overwhelming need to do the right thing even if this is not popular with your team or people. Having the courage to stand out of the crowd and be accountable for your decisions both in success and victory and in failure and defeat. To be able to follow without abdication but also have the strength of character to step forward when everyone else is stepping back.
Leadership is knowing when it is time to stand up in the heat of the moment and make the calm and informed decision.  Leading by example to those who are faltering and hesitating in moving forward."

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