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Ben Green

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Client Partnership Manager

As Client Partnership Manager, Ben is responsible for building and maintaining lasting relationships. With exceptional communication skills and a people-centric approach, he thrives in delivering unparalleled service to our valued clients.


Before joining us, Ben served as an aircraft engineer in the RAF for 12 years, specialising in avionics for Chinook helicopters. His problem-solving expertise in high-intensity environments, including operations in Iraq & Mali, makes him a valued asset to our team.


Beyond work, you'll find Ben watching rugby matches, playing golf, and impressing everyone with his cooking skills (we heard he makes a mouthwatering chilli!). 

What leadership means to Ben:

“Being in a leadership position is a privilege. It’s a position to empower and mentor others to unlock the potential of your team and to develop the underlying talent. It puts you in a position to make positive change and to give direction when others have none. It’s your job to inspire and set a standard by doing the right thing. Leaders constantly grow and learn by listening to others but must stay unique and true to themselves with their own style.

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