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Anna Stephens

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Anna is a Facilitator at Take Point Training. Prior to joining the company, she served at the HQ of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. 

Anna has held a variety of roles in the British Army including Training and Liaison Enabling Command, Media Operations and Team Leadership. 
Outside of work, Anna is a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach with a passion to help others reach their goals. 

What leadership means to Anna:

"At its heart, I believe that Leadership is the subtle art of getting people to do something they probably don’t want to do with enthusiasm and to the best of their abilities. You don’t need to be the best, fastest or strongest in your field but you do need to be consistently pursuing excellence and encouraging the same from those around you.  The leader must create an environment of trust, mutual respect and support for everyone to achieve their best.  We can learn lessons from other impressive leaders…..BUT it is essential that you develop YOUR own style. Find out what works for you."

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